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For your convenience an Amazon affiliate link is included at no extra cost to you.  The Storyteller’s Secret by Sejal Badani was a revelation into my emotions I didn’t expect.  In a good way.  The fiction character Jaya could be any woman struggling with despair or loss.  She travels to India after three miscarriages, a failing marriage and estranged relationship with her mother to find out about her heritage and the culture.  It’s a wonderful story that will leave you smiling as her mother’s family secrets are revealed.

Not knowing much about Indian culture I found the well written story intriguing as well as educational.  But more than that I was touched by the tragic stories of the caste system and lack of worth the women suffered.  I knew I live a life of freedom and choice but reading the stories of arranged marriage I am eternally grateful and celebrate the privileges I enjoy daily. I am encouraged as I read about many changes that have happened through the generations of this story. 

Though I’ve never suffered a miscarriage, someone close to me has.  I can’t say I fully understand the loss but I suffered with them like Jaya’s family.

I shared Jaya’s pain when she was unable to communicate with her mother and  I understand her inability to talk about the chasm between them. I felt her joy in other seemingly small events.

It is a story that will leave you feeling good about the smallest conveniences we enjoy in a free nation and I hope it touches your heart as it did mine to be kind to others.  Like the saying goes; When you can be anything, be kind. 

The language is clean and the story flows very well.  It is a believable story with a well thought out ending. This novel has some sexual content that is not too descriptive for older teens and adults. I would not be embarrassed to recommend it to my adult daughter or granddaughter.   I will most likely share my paper back with them.  I do think it’s a book women will love more than men as it is written from Jaya’s point of view.  But I think men could benefit from the revelations of what women have experienced differently than men.

This book was recommended and is the topic for a book club I have recently joined.  I am  pleased to say that I loved it so much that when it came in my Amazon deliveries Friday I could hardly put it down until I finished it late Sunday night.  I am eagerly looking forward to the discussions at our next meeting. I am anxious to hear what the other readers gained from it and the questions they may have.

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