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How to Clean Your House With Chart

If you hate crash cleaning but want to have a clean orderly home I have some helpful hints for you.  For me it started several decades ago with a book I read called Sidetracked Home Excecutives.  I learned how to spread out the chores so I never feel overwhelmed and don't need to spend days on crash cleaning.  There are every day chores, weekly chores, monthly chores and seasonal chores.  

The book suggested a notecard system with all the chores listed on cards.  They pulled a card from the front, completed the chore and slipped it in the back for recycling.  I found it worked better for me to write the chores on a calendar posted on the side of my fridge.  Later I condensed the chores and put them on a chart so I don't have to rewrite them each month or each year.  You will also notice I left my weekends free of chores and the last week or two of the month are seasonal which I tend to get done in a couple of days. It has worked for me very well.

My chart is printable so you don't even have to rewrite them!  The thing I like best about this method is the ability to move a chore to another day if I cannot complete it on the planned day.  It's my list, so I change it as I need to.  I can add chores or remove them if they are no longer relevant.  No one has ever followed up on me to make sure I don't cheat...which I have more than a few times.  

I hope you find it helpful whether you are just starting out house keeping or if you've been at it for years and need to find a less stressful method to keep it clean.

Here's the link: printable chart

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  1. Having lists lie this really help me stay on top of things. Thanks for sharing at Dishing It & Digging It :)


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