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Apple themed party with a DIY Apple Craft

A crisp breeze is blowing through the sky bringing fall smells with it.  Deep reds, oranges and yellows are showing in the landscape, I close my eyes and remember walking through an apple orchard to pick my own basket full.  I can hardly wait to sink my teeth into the juicy ripe red fruit.  I decided to  invite some friends over for a fall themed party featuring apples.  My theme was born out of an apple challenge and I will share with you a simply adorable and super easy apple craft I whipped together in about an hour plus a cider recipe.

DIY painted apple center piece w hot apple cider

Simple Hot Apple Cider with Caramel Topping

The drink itself is simply the easiest ever recipe and a great way to welcome guests as they arrive or after lunch with dessert.  We’ve used the same recipe for years.  Simply pour apple cider into a crock pot or if you can get your hands on a large coffee pot like the one I’ve been using since the 70’s, even better.  Mine used to be avocado green but I painted it white to cut down on the kidding I was taking for still having such a dated appliance.   I put about a cup of red hot candies in the coffee pot basket where you normally put the coffee grounds and turn it on.  The pot does all the work for me!  If you’re using a crock pot, you need to stir it occasionally to move the red hot candies around and combine the flavor.  When you serve the hot cider top it off with some whipped cream and drizzle with ice cream caramel flavoring.  It’s fabulous and you likely won’t have any left overs.

DIY painted apple center piece w hot apple cider

Serve an Apple Themed Luncheon

Serve up some Apple Smoked Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bundles, some crunchy Oven Fried Pickles, apple chips and for a sweet treat some little Oven Baked Biscuit  Apple Pies. Everything is ready and waiting on a party table with fall leaf garlands, raffia streamers, and of course the darling crafty apples I made for the challenge.  Here’s how I made my crafty apples for the challenge.

DIY A Crafty Painted Wood Apple

Table and Wreath Decoration

DIY paint an apple

I salvaged some wood from hubs wood scrap bin that were already in an apple shape.  I don’t remember what he cut them out for but they are perfect.  They are about nine inches tall and six inches wide. 

I used an electric hand sander to smooth down the roughness, but not too much.  I’m after a rustic look.

Next I gave my wood pieces a light coat of white primer paint and let it dry as directed on the can. I love the spray variety because its quick and keeps the colors on top of the wood.                                                                                                               
                    primer coat to wood apple

Using some acrylic craft paint I painted a yellow oval off center in the top quarter region of the shape then quickly added a smaller circle of white on top of the yellow and blended it in.

I immediately started laying a thin coat of red over the entire surface (don’t forget the edges).  If your paint seems a bit thick, add some water.  I blended the red into the yellow/white highlight spot and allowed the paint to get thicker as it neared the edges.  You can add more highlight color if you need to as you layer on the red. 

There are several layers of red as I get farther away from the highlight and closer to the edges. Add a little black to some of the red to make it darker and quickly blend in from the edges. I say quickly because acrylic paint dries fast.  If you are working with oil paint there’s no rush because it stays workable longer. 

When the colors look a lot like an apple let it dry then add a tree stem from the yard and tie on a ribbon.  Decorate a fall table or attach it to a fall wreath.   

Painted wooded apple centerpiece

  • apple shaped wood pieces
  • sandpaper or a hand sander if you have it
  • primer paint
  • acrylic craft paint: red, black, yellow, white
  • small paint brush, I used a 1/2” brush. 
  • paper plate for paint pallet
  • paper towels
  • water
  • wood stick for stem
  • glue – I used Gorilla Glue, but use what you have.
  • ribbon (or craft string or even raffia)

If you want a green apple, use the same technique only substitute a bright green for red.  When it is completely dry you can take some sidewalk chalk and write a message if you like. 
Please keep a watch for a link to the 80+ participants in the SoFab Apple Challenge.  Better yet, sign up for my email in the column on the right so you won’t miss the post or watch or it on my Facebook page.

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