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The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey–book review

Rick Yancey in the author of The 5th Wave, The Infinite Sea and The Last Star.  A trilogy of books about an alien invasion to earth that leaves only the young to fight and salvage the human race.  I read the first book in four days.  This one I read in two days.  Not that this book was better than the first but because the first one left me wanting to know what happens. Then I finished this one and I am anxiously waiting delivery of the last book.  Author mission accomplished, I’m hooked.

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The Infinite Sea gives the background stories of most of the characters.  I now know how they came to be at the training camp and have a glimpse into the personalities.  I now have a few more clues as to what the aliens are and what they are capable of.  Let me just say, they are not here on a friendly mission as far as I can tell.  However, with that stated, I’m looking forward to the last book to tell me exactly what the purpose of the gruesome tracking and killing of humans may be.  Yancey is good at keeping you guessing as you read.  No give away’s are evident. 

The story continues taking place on earth during the winter months in the United States.  The only adults left are bad guys harboring aliens inside.  The young people are being trained and being used to annihilate the non alien humans.  We haven’t found out why yet we’ve are given more details about how their mind control works. 

Cassie (for Cassiopeia) is the main character that keeps the focus on saving the human race.  She has a lot of influence on the other characters in the first book as well as this book.  We are introduced to an alien female that also is important to the events and we see another strong character nick named ‘Ringer’ take a role in this book that is bound to have a major affect on the next book.  I’d like to get hold of some of those 12 elements they talk about.  Talk about a vitamin rush!  She should hook up with Captain America in a fourth book!  Just sayin…  Mr. Yancey, did you read that suggestion?  I promise to buy and read it if you go with it.

The male characters are not weak by any means, but the females drive this story.

Yancey also wrote the award winning young adult novels, The Extraordinary Adventures of Alfred Knopp, The Montrumologist and it’s sequel, The Curse of the Wendigo.  I’ve enjoyed his writing style enough to add these books to my reading list.  If you’ve already read them, please tell me what you think in comments.

I recommend this series to young adults and older adults.  Even though there is a lot of brutality I have enjoyed the easy writing style used by Yancey and I appreciate the lack of too many curse words or too many sex details.  It’s the constant action that keeps you riveted to this story.  I think the movie will be thrilling to watch as well.


You can read my thoughts about the first book, The 5th Wave here.

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