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The Martian plus a potato recipe

I started reading the book just before it showed up On Demand within my satellite provider.  I started reading hurriedly so I could rent and watch the movie.  At the same time I had just participated in a potato recipe challenge.  Too bad the sequence of events hadn’t been a little different but I have a recipe in honor of this fun fiction story about an Earthling that inadvertently became a Martian.

The Martian by Andy Weir meme, book review, potato recipe

The Martian written by Andy Weir takes place on Mars.  Given the advances in technology and space travel it’s almost a believable story.  The descriptions of the planet and climate were not quite what my narrow space educated mind had expected.  For one, I didn’t know there is gravity on Mars. 

Any way, a storm and unfortunate sequence of events on a space mission lead to Mark Watney being left behind on Mars.  He is an incredibly resilient man who not only has Macgyver skills and creativity but is also a botanist.  Thank goodness because he needs those skills to survive. 

There are a lot of technical explanations that I tended to skim over as I progressed through the book but not too much so as to know how he gets through the various disasters thrown at him.  It’s a great science fiction story line that ends a little differently from the movie (but in a good way). 

Fun fact:  He refers to 50 kph, which I believe refers to knots and compares roughly to 30 miles per hour winds out in the plains of Texas where I live.  I totally get the howling winds and difficulty walking through it!

I enjoyed reading the book and loved watching the movie knowing the details they left out.  The snarky humor thrown about here and there is right up my alley.  I give the book a PG rating and recommend it for teen through adult because of the amount of technical talk and a smattering of curse words. 

Because potatoes extend his life, here's a recipe I wish he'd been able to make on Mars. Click the photo for the full recipe.

  •  potatoes
  • green beans
  • ham
  • onion
  • bell pepper
The sauce... and instructions


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