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Gift bucket for a man that includes Yankee Candle Car Care fragrances

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Black Friday is a weird shopping phenomena in the USA that makes grown men and women stand in freezing weather for hours and push their way through crowds in a not so friendly holiday spirit.  As I get older the frenzied shopping gets less and less exciting. This year starts a new tradition of gift giving from hubs and me.  I am putting together gift baskets of useful items that will be as much fun to open as a Santa Stocking.  Each basket is tailored to be the perfect gift for a person special to us.

 Winter Car Care Gift bucket

My son acquired a 1974 Ford pickup he is restoring and hopes to be driving full time soon but a full blown winter ice storm has delayed progress. A gift that acknowledges his dedication toward the project completion and will take the chill off the work time delay should be perfect.  We thought he’d enjoy a winter car kit and we know it will be a gift he’ll use.  Hubs walked with me through the Walmart Automotive section picking out the most usable winterizing items.    Besides coming home with a perfect personalized gift it was a great couple activity.  I highly recommend you do this with someone who knows the recipients as well as you do.  When we had a nice collection we came across a bucket to use for washing the truck on a warmer day.  It was perfect.  The gift and the time I spent with Hubs.
 headlight in ice

When we got home I spread the items out and began arranging them in the bucket.  I Starting by placing the largest item, some winter window wash fluid, first.  I fit a new toboggan on top because even when it melts, the air is going to be frosty. A can of deicer to clear those frozen windows came next then some deicer to keep the locks to loose too.   He’ll have fun discovering the other items layered between small bags of peanut munchies as filler because everyone needs snacks while buffing, polishing and winterizing a prized vintage truck. I topped the package off by cupping the cutest little Yankee Candle® Car Jar Ultimate in some new warm gloves and hid a couple more inside the bucket to keep it smelling great through spring. 
vintage truck in ice

Here are some suggestions for a Winter Car Care Kit:
  • cold weather window washing fluid
  • deicer for windows
  • deicer for the locks
  • leather conditioning wipes
  • headlight restoring wipes
  • tire cleaner/restorer
  • battery cables
  • new windshield wipers
  • gift card for an oil change or a gas card
  • gloves, toboggan, and hot hand warmer packs
  • Yankee Candle® car fragrances
  • packs of peanut munchies and crackers

vintage truck mirror in ice

I discovered something wonderful shopping with hubs.  He’s a good shopper and we found a lot of pleasure creating a personalized gift for someone we love.
 vintage truck tire in ice

If you decide to make a car care basket for someone special, include a quality product like Yankee Candle® on the go fragrances like Car Jar Ultimate or Smart Scent Vent Clips to top it off.   We chose a favorite fragrance of Macintosh from the unique range of fragrances because it will make the car smell nice and each time our son sits behind the wheel he will be reminded we cared enough to hand select the best items for him.  We found it in the air care in automotive for under five bucks.  I also saw displays in laundry, home goods and even at the check out.  

Yankee Candle car care air freshener snow

Just follow your nose to those delicious fragrances. Please check out the convenient Yankee Candle® on the go fragrances in smart scent vent clips or the Car Jar Ultimate then let me know the fragrance that you’d include in a Car Care Kit gift package at the Wal-mart assortment page.

where to find car care fragrances in Walmart


  1. My husband would love this. Including the candles--he's a sucker for scented stuff in the car! Great ideas!

  2. This is always great! We dropped a bunch of cash today on the hubby's car, as a matter of fact :)

  3. Yankee Candle is one of my favorites! It's so nice that their products are in other stores now.

  4. I think it's a great idea to do a car care basket! I love having my car smell fresh, esp since I carpool and that doesn't happen too often!

  5. This is a great gift idea.. men are so hard to buy for but almost all of them have (and love) their cars!!

  6. My hubby would love this gift. I never know what to get for him, so this is perfect!

  7. What a fantastic gift idea!! Love it!

  8. I love the idea to include some snacks to munch on while taking care of the car- what a great gift! #client

  9. This is such a great idea! Honestly, I wouldn't think to include the candle, even though it's definitely needed haha

  10. That looks like a nice gift and convenient too!

  11. What a good mom you are! I'm going to do this too.


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