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Easy Halloween party decorations plus a free printable

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There are spooky things lurking about the neighborhood!  It’s Trick or Treat Season!  Come with me while I put out the party decorations and sneak a few Hershey candies from a special Halloween Variety Bag I picked up at Wal-Mart.  I’ve got some very easy DIY Alien Egg Sack decoration you can throw up in minutes, a fun candy monster activity for the kids, yard games, and even a fun “Park Your Boom Here” printable.
Park your broom here porch vignette

My favorite part is coming up with a basic theme.  This is the year of “Good Witches Trick or Treat”.  Starting at the front door, I made an easy chalk board sign to mark the broom parking area.  My sign is a salvaged piece of ply board that was not in very good condition but works great for a Halloween sign. (look for a printable at the bottom of this post)  I simply sprayed it with flat black paint then used the kids giant chalk to write the message.  I drilled a couple of small holes so I could thread some fishing line through and hang it from a tiny nail by the front door.   Looks like some Good Witches have already arrived…
Porch Halloween decorations

Here is a quick 10 second DIY Alien Egg Sack you can make.

You need:

  • black dress socks, 
  • color tennis balls and 
  • a pair of scissors.

  1. Push a tennis ball into a black dress sock or knee hi hose.  All the way into the toe.
  2. Pinch a TINY piece of fabric cut away about 1/4" of the sock for one eye.  TINY is big when it comes to alien eyes.  
  3. Make a second TINY hole for the other eye.
  4. Tie a knot in the top of the sock to contain the alien egg and to wedge into a bush securely.  

In the yard I’ve planted several new mums for some great color, set out some hay bales and I decided to assemble some pumpkin luminaries using solar lights.  I personally love the access to many solar powered things now a days.  They light up at night all by them selves, make a spooky glow and there is no addition to my electric bill.  The pumpkin luminaries were very inexpensive, about $2.00 each, and went together in minutes.  They were just as easy as the broom parking sign.  Hubs cut holes in the bottom of the pumpkins with a box cutter just large enough for the yard lights to fit through.  Push the yard stakes into the ground, position the pumpkins and push the lights over the stakes inside the pumpkins.  Easy peasy.

 Halloween display that can easily convert to Thanksgiving

Next I picked up a pair of striped stockings, in the costume area at Wal-mart, and stuffed them with plastic store bags.  They easily slipped into some old shoes I’ve kept around for just such an occasion.  Positioned next to the house edge, they look like something out of OZ.

DIY witch caught under house

Inside the door I set up a vignette featuring a very old broom,  a pedestal table with a witch’s cauldron full of Hershey candies and a pretty blue vase with colorful grasses.  Oh, and that’s our guard spider trying to sneak some candy for himself.

witch hat, broom and cauldron of candy with spider
We planned some yard games so we set up a tether ball, marked the driveway with hopscotch, a bean bag toss, and Twister.  Inside I set up an activity table for kids to create some “Sweet” monsters.  Each participant was given a piece of 5 x 7 card stock, markers, double sided tape and a mix of Hershey candies.  The object is to make a monster using the candies for the body parts.

Halloween foyer with floating witch hats

Just inside the foyer is a place for witches to leave their hats.  Did you know they don’t hang them on pegs?  They cast a little spell and leave them floating.  Cool, huh?

Holloween table decor

The dining table is set up with a black table cloth and a wide burlap ribbon runner.  In the center is a glass pumpkin filled with Hershey candies and a lot of miniature jack-o-lanterns still on their vines that have made themselves at home.  Guests serve themselves from a buffet with a crock of “Ogre’s Soup” and a “Vampire Vegie Tray”.  But the real “TREATS” are the Hershey candies, they are a must for the Halloween season and perfect addition to the festivities.  I used Hershey’s Green Goblin and Trunk or Treat to add a few more treats instead of tricks, They were in the seasonal isle of candy at Wal-mart.  LOTS OF  CANDY!

where find Hershey Halloween candy at Wal-mart candy isles

Because every visiting witch needs a place to park her broom I made a sign to designate the spot. If you don’t have a piece of wood to salvage like I did you can make one using the free printable I’ve included in just a few minutes.  It is super easy.  Simply:
  1. click on the graphic below or the blue link in number 2 then
  2. print the Park Your Broom Here sign on a standard 8 x 11 sheet of paper and
  3. use glue or tape to affix it to a scrap piece of wood.  If you prefer, slide it inside an old frame then hang it in your designated “broom parking area”.
broom parking printable

Bonus: If you’re wondering how to float your witch hats, thread a length of fishing line through a tiny hole at the top tip of a hat, tie it on a washer or nut inside the hat to keep it slipping out.  Tie the other end onto a clear push pin and push it into the ceiling.  Or just wave your wand and turning about three times repeat “hat stay just like that”.

Be sure to check out Hershey’s Halloween Candy at Wal-Mart.
I'd love to hear your favorite!

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