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Frame door wreath for fall home decor

It's great to be putting out fall decor again.  Here is a sneak peak of a fall open house tour coming.  I have a framed wood monogram hanging on my door but this year decided to give it more depth.  Rummaging through the bin of fall goodies in my storage closet I located a darling crow on weathered wood from a craft show years ago.  He needed a little re-glueing and I shortened the weathered board he was attached to the wired and tacked it to the framed monogram.  I am loving the three dimensional look and textures of the raffia bow.  
framed monogram w wood crow and raffia bow door decor for fall

For no money at all I have a upcycled door decor I'm very happy with.  You can see how I put the framed monogram together here plus a burlap flower wreath.  Though I bought the whimsical crow, I bet you could find something similar in a hobby shop.  I know you can find raffia and sunflowers there.  With minimal talent you can probably draw a crow on foam board and paint it.  Hmm, I might just head into the craft room to try that today.  There could be a whole roost of crows sitting aloft in my kitchen.  Check back during the fall home tours.  I'll be sharing mine September 23.

What do you have hanging on your door this year?

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  1. Cute! Dying to put out my fall decor but I can't find my box anywhere :(


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