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Garden Round Up

I love visiting pretty gardens and seeing the clever garden art people come up with.  I am working on all new garden ideas for the landscape around our 1956 fixer upper and have collected some ideas from fellow bloggers.  There's room for you to add your garden posts too.  The neglected gardens have been saving some surprises for me that I didn't expect after nearly 15 years untended.  First a Wisteria bloomed, then lots of iris in an array of colors some honey suckle, trumpet vine and a just a few days ago some volunteer petunia's showed up.

Wild Flowers, Chandelier Planter, Planter Gardening, Ladder Trellis
I have been clearing out the many flower beds and replanting where only grass grows.  I added some knock out roses and Russian Sage where a few cane roses have survived then tossed several wild flower and butterfly flower mixed seed packets liberally along the front of the property.  With all the unusual rains this year I have quite a showy area near the highway.

I also started a dry river bed along the front porch where the drip line from the roof washes away seedlings.  Along the edge there are lots of zinnia and marigolds getting ready to bloom.  On the other side of the side walk I extended the dry bed to weave behind some shrubs all the way to the end of the house.  I used black and red mulch to hold moisture and help control the weeds in front of that.  The perennials I planted include sage, rosemary, lavender, mums, and some wild flowers.

Now you've toured my new gardens, take a look at some more great ideas linked below.  I hope you have some garden posts or Instagram photos of your garden to share too. 


  1. This is a lovely idea. My garden grows a lot of garden art. I hope you intended this for the general public to add links. I can't wait to visit each of these.

    Linda @ Tumbleweed Contessa

  2. Wait...hold the phone.... you have a gardening round up??? :D Round Up. hehehehhehe

    1. LOL! I read it twice before I "got it".


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