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Easy gift bag dress up

My daughter drove up to visit the new baby in the family but stopped over to leave her things at my house before going to see the baby.  She brought in several baby gifts along with a roll of camouflage wrapping paper and several inexpensive pink gift bags from a dollar store.  When she sat down in my floor and began “doctoring” up the bags I quickly grabbed my camera because everyone wants a fresh idea to dress up packages, right?  When I say easy and quick gift bag dress up, I mean it.
 dollar store dressed up bags
First she wrapped two large boxes with the paper and set them aside and pulled out some plain pink bags.  Taking the left over wrapping paper she cut strips, folded the edges under, and glued them onto the big bag then cut some shorter strips and folded over the top edges of some of the little bags in different patterns.  She also cut a heart shape to glue on one.  When she had them all stuffed with baby gifts she put them inside the large bag.  I thought the simple techniques made a cute presentation.  You could take it farther with camo tissue paper stuffing or some green ribbons.
 dress up a dollar store bag
How do you turn a plain gift bag into something unique and cute?

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