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Bound by Books #5

I apologize for the late book link post, we made an unplanned fast trip to welcome our newest grand daughter.  She had us convinced she was coming early but hung on until her scheduled date while we hung out with her siblings waiting.  I left in too much of a hurry to remember my laptop.  Hopefully you all have been visiting the other hostesses for some great books to read.  I carried my latest read, The Giver" with me.  I'll be writing the review for you soon.  My favorite from last week's link up is the terrific idea of  making your own Children's Books on CD: Personalized for your child.

DIY Danielle tells us how to do it.

We have decided to open the link ups for the entire month!  This should afford you a better look at all the great ideas and books available.  I hope you share your book finds and book creations with us.  Encourage your friends to join us too.  I'd also like to congratulate Paige (thanks for responding to your email so quickly) on winning the $30 gift card.

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