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When the rules change

I never heard of Oath 1.0 until today.  Supposedly that is why switching from Blogger to Wordpress or Wordpress.com to WP.org doesn’t import stuff.  It is also why Windows LiveWriter and Mars Edit stopped working with Blogger.  That is how it affected me.  I almost always write on LW and import to Blogger when suddenly it didn’t do that anymore.   ARGH!  Technology.  Always evolving and improving but sometimes it’s painful.  Thank goodness Microsoft fixed the sign in problem with LiveWriter and it now works!  I wrote this post in LW as a test.
rules changed meme

It isn't the first change that has happened and I'm sure it isn't the last.  It seems like Facebook and Pinterest change something every week.  It's usually a little disturbing and there is usually a bit of grumbling among bloggers but we work with it.  It has always been for the better I think.


  1. I need to look into to what LiveWriter is. I've heard several people mention it.

  2. I found it a little annoying not to use Livewriter for a few weeks, but I found the "Phantom 2.0" Google update much worse. My traffic dropped like a rock and hasn't come back up Knowing that it's affecting a lot of other people doesn't make me feel any better!


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