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Ghost Boy inspires me

Last week I saw a new release book titled Ghost Boy by Martin Pistorius that caught my attention for some reason.  I did not know what it was about or how I’d be so inspired by reading it.  The book cover is a ghostly photo of a sleeping face and is only 274 pages of inspired writing.  I cannot imagine a man coming out of such an experience as a boy trapped inside a silent body writing about his own story in such a spectacular way. 
Ghost Boy by Martin Pistorius

I was sad for his parents when his health declined and rejoiced with them when a health worker saw a glimmer of hope for him.  I celebrated with him as he describes the climb from motionless and speechless to empowered and successful. 

When I was in the 8th grade (a long, long, LONG time ago) I wrote a biography book report on Helen Keller.  I felt inspired by her and her teacher.  I bought a book of poems written by Helen Keller that I still have on my shelf of favorites.  I think Ghost Boy has earned a right to sit next to it.  Martin has done an outstanding job of expressing himself in positive ways.  There are modern miracles here that deserve applause along with this wonderful story.

Ghost Boy by Martin Pistorius

 5* rating
Non fiction/inspirational
I recommend this for adult reading due to some sexual content
Well written though a little repetitive on some instances

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