Bound by Books #3 |For what it's worth

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Bound by Books #3

I'm getting lots of reading time while I watch the little grands swim, play in the yard and at the park.  It's a good thing too with all the great recommendations coming through the link up parties.  Last weekend I wrote a review on The Night Gardner and picked up a book by Jodi Picoult that I am really loving.  I should get it finished and written up for Sunday's post.  Meanwhile here are the features for last week's Bound by Books linkup.
Bound by Books features


  1. I love summer reading but this summer has been a bit chaotic and I still have yet to read a book for fun. I am determined to get to the library this week!

    1. I get to read a lot since I retired especially when I'm watching the grands. At the park, at the pool, in waiting rooms, in my yard by the swings... :)

  2. I love books, especially kids books. Golly, I hope I get time to read some this summer!

  3. Summer brings up such good thoughts. Like sitting outside with a great book and a warm breeze. Thanks for sharing this!!


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