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Bird themed tablescape

I hear a Mockingbird singing away outside.  The sound is very pleasant and makes me smile so why not be inspired and bring the outdoors in?  I gathered several bird books from our bookshelves, a beautiful fresh ivy a friend sent to me with a bird decoration and tiny bird cage to arrange on the dining table.  The simple grouping gives me a sense of satisfaction and another smile.

nature and bird themed tablescape

Hubs and I love watching wildlife out our big windows and when we see a new bird we use the bird identification books to identify and learn all about it.

Recently I spotted a bird I saw last summer perched in the trumpet vines.  He was magnificently colored to match the bright tangerine trumpet blooms.  Boy grand and I looked through the bird books and we believe it may have been a Baltimore Oriole.  Because the bird was gathering bits of string and straw I have hopes it is nesting nearby and we might get to see more of them.  Boy grand is going to help me look for a hanging nest typical of Orioles.  Just another reason to love books!

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  1. Love this Jeannie - so simple and pretty. I collect birds and bird houses so this is awesome for me. Love it. Cathy

  2. We are bird watchers in my house so I love this simple touch. Would be nice way to display or bird magazines.

  3. So cute, and just the right touch of Spring! Great job Jeannie!

  4. Lovely setting! The plants made this style so organic!

  5. I don't believe that I have ever heard a mockingbird, but I do love to listen to the birds sing outside my window!


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