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6 Super Tasty Salsa Recipes

If you're hosting a casual get together, short notice you'll need some people pleasing food that doesn't look last minute.  I pulled up six of our favorite salsa recipes I originally pulled together for Cinco De Mayo because any any excuse to feature Mexican food is a good excuse to make a quick easy salsa that takes minutes to prepare from ingredients you probably already have on hand.  The salsas will be a great intro to some build your own tacos.  And heck, what's better for some Tailgaiting Football parties?

Salsa and dip recipes made in minutes

The six recipes (get it?  Cinco is six) can be found here:
                        Fruit Salsa                                  Corn & Black Bean Dip
                         Tomato Salsa                             Black Eyed Pea Dip
                         Refried Bean Dip                       9 Layer Dip


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