Texas back roads |For what it's worth

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Texas back roads

Take a photo journal ride with me down some Texas country back roads where the sky is big and the land stretches beyond the horizon.  On this winter day there is no snow and the wind is laying low.

Texas fence row
Medicine Mounds cowTexas windmillTexas homestead barn in winter
Texas horses in barn yard
Texas cloudless sunset w oil well and windmill
Good night ya’ll.


  1. Love these series! I always wish I live in a farm as its so peaceful and calming =)

    Dropping by from http://pixiedusk.livejournal.com/345670.html

  2. Great photos, wish that when I lived in Texas I had taken photos. We used to travel to a different little town each weekend to wander around, there are so many!!

    Happy Valentines!!

  3. So very Texas, that sunset is just beautiful


  4. Very nice series of pictures.


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