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DIY Bow Tree Topper

Whether you need a big fluffy bow for a package or to top your holiday tree I've got a tutorial that will walk you through it in super easy steps.  They are really easy and if you use wired ribbon at a dollar store you can save money making your own bow.  Five steps and you'll wow yourself with your new talent.  

DIY bow tree topper

Pick up a couple of those dollar bolts of wired ribbon at a dollar store.  You need about 9-12 feet of ribbon, some craft scissors and an embellishment is optional.

DIY bow tree topper

Cut a 10" piece of ribbon and set it aside.  It will be used to secure the bow in the center.

Do not cut any more during the looping.

  1. Start by pulling out an approximate 3 foot section of ribbon, find the center and pinch it together. From the center, make about a 4" loop.  
  2. Squeeze it tight and hold with your fingers while you make a second loop alternating from each side of the 3 foot section, the same size, and squeeze it tight in the middle.
  3. Make two more loops for a total of four loops squeezing them together at the center and holding securely with your fingers.  Don't worry about the shape just yet.  
  4. Just concentrate on getting 4 equally sized loops.  
  5. Place the 10" piece of ribbon you cut at the beginning over the center you have squeezed together in your fingers. Tie it securely on the back.  The wired edges of the ribbon will work great to hold it firm.
DIY bow tree topper

Fluff the loops with your fingers to give the loops a full poofy appearance. Set it aside and make a second bow.

The bolts I purchased at the dollar store were just long enough to complete this process.  If you have a bolt with more than 3 yards, you can cut it now.

DIY bow tree topperdiy bow tree topper

Secure one bow facing the back of your tree by tieing the ribbon ends around the top branch.  Tie the second bow facing the front of your tree.  You can fluff and twist the loops where you like them best.  If you have a cool decorator piece to secure to the top, do that now and enjoy your very own designer bow topper!

DIY Christmas tree bow topper


  1. Wow! That looks really easy! Thanks for sharing.

  2. So pretty Jeannie and you make it look so simple with your great tutorial. Cathy

  3. I always need help tying bows and I have one on top of my tree too. This is perfect. Thanks

  4. The pictures and the written directions help a lot!

  5. Great job on demonstrating how we make a tree topper! I know I needed this!

  6. My tree has been without a bow for two years. Next year I'll be ready for sure!

  7. So pretty! In my younger days I decorated a tree completely in red velvet bows, all hand made by me! I was pretty proud I must say. Twenty years and three kids later we now use my in-laws sixty-some- year-old angel from Germany as our tree topper. But I'll never forget my first Christmas in my first apartment and those red velvet bows.....


  8. I should learn to make bows because they look so good in a tree. Happy Holidays!


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