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Kid craft: Snowmen on a mason jar

It is a very cold day here and perfect for painting snowmen with the 3 (almost 4) year old.
snowman bulb jar kid craft
kid craft snowman painting on mason jar

After covering the table with some old newspapers I put one color at a time on a small paper plate.  I showed him how to use a circle shaped sponge brush to mash paint onto a mason jar to look like snowmen. We enjoyed a giggle fest when he painted a stack of four snowballs so he could have one snowman standing on the head of another.

snowman painting kid craft

He chose blue paint to add eyes and buttons and a blue mouth.  I guess the snowmen were VERY cold so their lips turned blue!  Next he used red to paint on some very handsome hats.  He found it very interesting that adding some yellow to the red made a nice orange for some carrot noses.  Some green paint made snugly warm scarves.  Finally I guided his hand to paint his name on the bottom of the jar.


The finished jar called for something inside so I gave him some black aquarium rocks I had on hand and he filled the jar about half full.  He placed two Narcissus bulbs on top of the rock and I gently pushed them firmly onto the rock but did not cover them.  Boy grand loves watering plants so I explained how to add water to the top of the rocks but not over the bulbs. 

They should be blooming by Christmas and it will be fun to see the roots appear in the black rocks as they grow next to his bean plants.
bulb planting in mason jar


  1. The jars came out really cute! Your grandson is adorable too! Crafting with the grandkids is the most fun I have.

  2. How adorable! I love gifts that children can make for people!

  3. This looks so cute. It's cold here & we are always looking for indoor activities.


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