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DIY Home Renovation–Painting the Front Door

The 1956 Fixer Upper front door was white and it will eventually be replaced with a windowed door but for now, there’s paint.  There is nothing wrong with a white door, I am just ready to get bold with some color.  Besides, it’s just paint and it can always be repainted, right?  While shopping I picked up several color cards in the paint section and took them home.  I narrowed them down to a color that goes well with the red brick and  I am quite fond of and showed it to hubs.  He has color aversion when it comes to walls and doors so I was surprised when he nodded his head in approval.  I pounced on it and purchased a quart of exterior satin acrylic before he could change his mind.
DIY painting an aqua front door

I chose the water based paint because it has a shorter dry time and I think it is less stinky.   I chose satin because the door faces the setting sun and a gloss might blind somebody from the reflected light!  We were getting a rare rain when I took the finished photo.  I had to buy a second can because I mistakenly took the wrong color card with me to the store the first time and it was too dark. They probably would have taken the darker paint back but I have some ideas to use the darker shade on an outdoor bench and a planter or two.
 door cracks
door needs paintUsing a hand finishing sander I bought for under $20  I spent a couple of days gently sanding down the old cracked finish on the aged door.  I bought my own sander because I don’t like worrying I’ll mess up hubs tools.   I’m finding that owning my own tools makes me feel empowered and I am buying a tool box to paint hot pink soon!  There are more painting projects on my agenda…

Once the door was fairly smooth to the touch I wiped it down with an old dry towel and again with a damp towel then let it air dry while I shook and stirred the exterior acrylic primer paint.  I used a sponge roller to paint on several coats of the primer and let it dry the recommended time as stated on the can.  Primer was critical for me for a couple of reasons, I needed it to level out the cracked areas and to bind the new paint to the old.  I believe primer is the secret to a professional finish.
paint door I took a deep breath and put on the first strokes of blue paint.  I liked it!  Hubs is okay with it too!  I decided three coats  was a pretty rich color and let it dry.  The Monogram Door Hanger we made on Craft Sunday looks awesome on the new blue door, don’t you think?
What color is your door? DIY Paint an aqua front door


  1. Wow! I love how that turned out. We are in a rental, so that's not an option for us, but I remember when we had our own home how I wish I could do something different with the front door. I love the color, but wasn't bold enough to go with the red door that was all the rage for a while. I didn't consider going with a softer color that I love. This is such a fun statement without being over the top. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Some landlords will allow painting, D.I.L. got permission to paint her rental this week. I can't wait to see the eggplant color she chose.

  2. This turned out really nice! I like the color a lot. I just did my front door recently, too, but I went with the red one that I have wanted for so long!

    1. I always wanted a red door, but my brick color on this house and the last wasn't a good compliment for a red door. I'm digging the blue though.

  3. That is a really pretty color that you chose. We have a reddish door, that was painted that way by the builder when we built this house 11 years ago. It could probably used a touch up.

  4. Absolutely amazing! I love the teal satiny color of the door. Kudos to you guys for that amazing transformation! Thank you for sharing that awesome home improvement project! Wishing you the best of luck with your other upcoming projects!

    Lois Schneider @ Okotoks Ranchers Rise


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