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DIY an overgrown cedar tree into a life size Bonsai Tree

There was an overgrown evergreen tree next to our entry gate that we thought was in need of removing until we discovered the beautiful trunk beneath all the overgrowth.  This is how it looks (on a very windy day!) and you can see some progression shots of the hidden beauty.
DIY ornamental tree trimming, bonsai, sunset
I love how it turned out and how the sunset shows off its shape and form.

I didn’t take a photo before we started because I had no idea we would end up saving the tree.  The greenery was solid all the way to the ground.  All those brown needles on the ground were covered up with big thick branches.  The branches stuck through the chain link so thick you couldn’t even see the fence.  We worked on it several days slowly revealing something beautiful beneath.  We trimmed away most of the lower branches (many of which were dead and brown) and found an amazing ornamental tree.  We call it the Bonsai Tree lovingly. 
bonsai 2bonsai
As I was unpacking boxes I came across the fall things that included Halloween decorations.  There were several Dollar Store pumpkins that the grands used for trick or treating.  I immediately thought of the Bonsai Tree and the nubby branches that would easily act as hangers for the pumpkins. 
See that light fixture?  We didn’t even know it was there until we trimmed up the tree!

DIY Halloween decorating, pumpkins
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      pumpkin tree
pumpkins 2

Not too spooky but plenty of fun.  At night the up lighting on them is fantastic but a bit hard to capture on camera.
Have you ever found an unexpected treasure in your garden?


  1. Love the jack-o-lanterns hanging from the tree! Such a cute and easy Halloween decoration!

  2. Nice Holloween decor! Lovely shaped tree too =) #ww

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