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DIY No Carve Pumpkins for Halloween

It’s almost Halloween so Little Grand is ready for a fun kid activity and to transform our Fall Pumpkin Display into fun and playful Halloween decorations.  I wanted to avoid carving the pumpkins so that after Halloween they can still be used for Thanksgiving d├ęcor.
DIY no carve Halloween pumpkins, kid activity

Using some recycled pieces of white art paper we folded in half, we cut some fun shaped eyes.  Little grand (age 3) used a round paint dobber I bought in the craft section of our discount store to paint the eye centers.  He really enjoyed that and each set of eyes made him laugh.
DIY spooky eyes 
When we had enough eyes for all our pumpkins we headed outside with some glue in hand.  He glued the eyes in place delighting in each one as we made our way around the display. 
no carve jack o lantern       no carve jackolantern

He did get distracted by a large Walking Stick bug for a short time. 
After inspecting it’s bright green legs and brown body he set it free on the truck of the Oak tree then finished putting eyes on the pumpkins. 
decorate pumpkins     pumpkin to jack o lanterns  
Front door Halloween decor


  1. What a fun way to decorate pumpkins! Super cute too!

  2. Goodness these pumpkin are the cutest!

  3. I like this different kind of pumpkin face!

  4. That looks like a really fun way to decorate! Thanks for sharing.


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