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Texas views from the 1956 renovation house

We have moved into the 1956 fixer upper and though we are struggling with utility issues, we love being able to sit outside under the oak tree and take in the expansive view of skies during the day and the unbelievable star display at night.  In our suburban house we could only see straight up and the city lights made stars appear faded and few.  Out here when the sun goes down and the moon has not made it’s way into the sky, it is DARK and the stars are BRIGHT.  The horizon is mesmerizing.

There have been several days of rain and thunder storms that were magnificent to watch rolling across the horizon.  I think even the clouds are bigger out here.  I always marveled at the skies, stars and sunsets at my mom’s house that is only a mile down the road but she has guard lights in front and back of her house that distract somewhat.  At my house it is pitch black until the moon shows up.
The clouds had rolled in but it hadn’t even begun to rain when a rainbow previewed in the clouds.
rainbow cloud
A Super Moon started climbing up in the east this week.
 10665333_10203732287581266_8860497981088100878_n sunflower 2
The sunflowers are quickly fading but the cactus is showing off with ripening tuna.
cactus tuna
skies out west
It’s quite different living out here in the country.  I miss a lot of things about living in the Dallas suburbs, but the quieter, slower pace is quickly growing on me.  Hubs started laying out a garden plot today.  I doubt we get a fall garden planted this year, but we’ll be ready for spring.


  1. What beautiful pictures you have taken. I can just see those beautiful horizans. Love the country and being able to slow down our pace also.

  2. You are making me want to move some place country. These photos are gorgeous! I'd gladly trade in being ten minutes from malls and movie theaters to have views like that!

  3. WOW Girl! Gorg!! I live in WV, and we do not get views like this!

  4. What a great view! I love a good thunderstorm and would enjoy sitting out on your back porch watching that take place!

  5. Now those are some gorgeous views! and I bet the peace and quiet where you only hear birds and the wind is so peaceful!

  6. I am so jealous of your views! You are in a beautiful spot! I miss living in a rural area.

  7. A beautiful view to be sure! My WW

  8. Everything is so nice! Its so pretty there =) #ww

  9. Very nice views, great pictures

  10. Brilliant shot with the rainbow in



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