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Easy Pre school Spider craft and a bean lesson

Today boy grand asked to make a hanging spider decoration for our art project.  Spider crafts are easy and can be quite fun for some scary or not so scary Halloween decorating.  Here you can read the extremely easy and quick this crafty art is.

easy spider art craft

  1. For a three year old he did an outstanding job cutting a circle shape for the body out of orange craft paper.  
  2. He chose a ball point pen instead of a marker or crayon to draw on eyes and a squiggly mouth.
  3. I punched two holes on each side of the face (close to the edge) so grand could insert some chenille wires that were folded in half as legs.  I gave them a twist to keep them in place because the craft paper was a bit fragile.  If you use foam sheets they would be sturdier.
  4. Boy grand bent the chenille wires at the bottom to look like little feet.
  5. We strung our fanciful spider with yarn and hung him near Granddad's desk.  It was fun to see Granddad's reaction when he sat at his desk!
science experiement with beans

After lunch we watched a little TV where they were discovering that you can sprout beans on wet paper towels inside a zip lock bag.  Boy Grand looked at me wide eyed and said, "Let's do that!"  So, we did.  I pulled some pinto beans out of the pantry.  Gave him a paper towel that we folded to fit into a plastic snack size zip lock bag.  He added enough water to make it moist and placed several beans between the paper towel and the clear bag.  We placed the sealed bag on a window ledge where he can check it every few days.  I just love the curiosity and fascination of little people, don't you?


  1. Great craft! Thank you for sharing.

  2. That is adorable! What a great lesson!

  3. I love the spider. I bet my 20 monther could help make one if I cut out the spider's body for her!


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