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DIY Home Renovation–Painting wallpaper

This weekend we had a house full of company and all wanted to do something to help move the 1956 fixer upper project along.  I had primer and paint already purchased for the entry.  The big question was, “Can I paint my wallpaper?”  We girls did a test and went for it while the boys carried out the very large, very heavy, very dark old rug from the den.  Immediately the room felt better.  The dusty smell began disappearing as the little grands used the dust mops and Swiffer wet mop to remove even more dust. 
The front entry had a flocked brownish gold wallpaper that definitely needed a make over.  I wasn’t sure how it would look but the test patch looked okay and I am pleased with the outcome.  First it got a good dusting with both a broom and some rags then the floor was covered and the door frames and baseboards taped off.  I bought primer/paint in an antique white that closely matches all the woodwork.  The woodwork paint is in great shape and won’t need repainting until much – much later on. We used paint rollers to get paint into the flocking.  We also tried dabbing the flocked paper with a sponge and stippling with a paint brush.  The stippling worked best but the paint roller was faster.  We applied thin coats allowing time to dry between.  Some bubbles appeared in the wallpaper from the paint saturation, but as it dried they stretched back out and disappeared.
painting flocked wallpaper
painted wallpaper
The walls are much brighter and the texture from the flocking gives it a kind of formal embossed wedding paper look.  There is a nice crystal chandelier that will stay, but the door will be replaced with one that has windows that mirror the entry into the living room.  The brick floor isn’t bad, but will be eventually replaced with wood laminate along with the rest of the flooring.  There is a strange theme of different flooring and different color carpets in every room, besides the fact that it has lived its life.
removing wall paper
I decided to remove the wallpaper on a small section around the corner that is part of the bedroom hallway.  I used some blue gel spray that is made especially for wallpaper removal.  You just spray on in manageable sections, wait 15 minutes and pull it off.  I only needed a scraper for some tiny bits that were a little stubborn.   Next I used some spray on texture I bought in the paint section and sprayed as instructed in light circle motions.  After letting it sit for a couple of minutes I used a wide spatula to knock down the texture for a smoother finish.  A coat of primer and paint completed the entry area.  I was amazed how simple the spray texture was as it had been my second biggest worry.  (The first was painting the wallpaper) 
apply wall texture
This is not a sponsored post, but I really should have talked to Wal-Mart since my choices are limited and that is the best supply store near me within 30 miles.  Now for some time to make it around to some estate sales and auctions to find a perfect entry table.
DIY helpful hintMaterials list:
primer/paint, stir stick
wallpaper gel remover
spray on wall texture
paint tray
paint rollers
paint brushes
drop cloth
painters tape
trash bag

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