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DIY Home Renovation-the utilities

The 1956 fixer upper projects are coming together.  There have been some surprises for sure.  After several days of arguing with the power company and provider we finally convinced them to send someone to verify there is indeed no meter at this house.  While my DIL was on the phone trying again to explain there was no meter and where ever they turned on power…it was not at this house, an AEP Supervisor that lives near us drove to our house and confirmed we do not have a meter or power.  He located the meter the company assumed was ours on an apartment/garage building at one of our neighbors.   They had given it our house number as an address.  After a lot of discussion it was decided to give us back our address and re label the neighbors garage apartment.  Our meter is now installed on a pole outside the backyard that will have to be moved to the house by an electrician. 
old meter box

Later in the day we discovered the power does not turn on half the house, including the AC unit.  We also discovered that if you turn one of the stovetop burners on… the over head kitchen light comes on!
There’s a little video clip of this freaky event on my Facebook page.
At least there is enough power to run an A.C. window unit in the bedroom and formal living room. We brought one from storage and borrowed one.  The living room is a tolerable 85° F. and the bedroom cools us down at night to about 76° F.
We contacted two electrician companies in a nearby town to get estimates and set an appointment.  The electricians finally came to assess the issues.  Neither of the two companies were as dumbfounded as us about the stove turning on the over head lights.  They both think that when the 3 leg wiring at the house is replaced it will return to normal and we should have lights on the east side of the house.  I didn’t know.  Now we wait for the two quotes and the work to begin.  Hubs and I have decided the electrician than can promise the quickest repair date gets the job.  We are a bit tired of living in two rooms with window air units. The first one to respond gave the best price and promised to install the meter housing on Friday.  We worked steadily through the heat taking frequent breaks and drinking gallons of bottled water.  The refrigerator plug works so we at least have cold water and are very thankful for it.
new meter boxes

The first electrician to respond happened to have the best price and was able to complete the job on Friday.  We were elated but a little disappointed that the power company couldn’t come until Tuesday to move the actual wire from the pole to the house.  With that news the disappointment was quickly replaced with excitement on Tuesday when we turned on the lights in the kitchen for the first time.  Maybe I’ll be able to get back to cooking some delicious goodies soon.
Now to locate an Air Conditioning person to figure out why it won’t turn on…  And a plumber to increase the water flow.

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  1. Oh my gosh! The burner/light story.. that is crazy! Glad things are slowly moving along!


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