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DIY Home Renovation - the air conditioner

The small town we moved to has only one plumber who is multi talented.  After he re lit the gas water heater pilot light several times and worked for days on unclogging the aged pipes in the 1956 Fixer Upper that make weird noises he worked on the A.C. unit.  After two weeks of having electricians reconnect this old house to the modern world the A.C. still wouldn't turn on.  The plumber/A.C. man ordered a computer board on the fan that appeared to be burned out but it still wouldn't turn on the unit outside.
No, not this fan!  The one in the central air box.

After some time spent cleaning out and checking everything on the unit he discovered there was NO power being delivered to the unit.  What he found was that when the old electric line was replaced and the meter box was moved from the power pole to the house they didn't recognize the extra wiring going down under ground as anything important.  In fact, they thought it might be power to the shed which we didn't have access to at the time.  Not so, it was the power to the A.C. unit! That led to calling back the electrician who had to run the additional wire from the pole to the house then pull the wire through the attic down to the end where the unit is located.  He drilled a hole in the exterior wall, threaded the wire out and down the wall to the unit.  Wha la, it now works.

What I didn't do, that I wish I had done, was cover everything with drop cloths and opened all the windows and doors because when they turned on the unit 13 years of dust came flying out of the vents.  "Ahchoo!"

You'd think that would be the end of it but a few days later I opened the closet where the fan resides and a large puddle of condensation water sat in the floor.  The plumber returned made some adjustments and left.  Unfortunately the story goes on.

I mopped up condensation through the weekend and cursed plumbing that continued to stop up when the potties were flushed.  Monday morning the plumber rang the door bell to get hubs to come help him.  He dug a deep hole to find the original septic lines and discovered it to be capped off from the old septic and connected to the city sewer.  At least that is good news.  Together he and hubs dug around until they located the correct clean out valve and spent over an hour cleaning out more pipes.  He pulled a rag out of the pipes and like magic everything works again.  Hubs had him raise the clean out valve pipe to above ground level in case... I don't even want to think about it.

Now the plumbing works again so he came back inside to figure out the problem with the condensation.  He had to take off the sides of the unit to get to the drip pan that should be catching the water.  There he found a large rust hole.  Of course because we live so far away from supply houses, he had to spend a couple more hours building and mending the drain pan.  A new one is on order but so far his mended job is holding up and the floor is staying dry.

We haven't removed the window units yet, call us skeptical.  Now that the fall weather is rolling in and the temps have dropped to a very pleasant 76° we may take them down.  I suppose we will need to find a chimney sweep next.  The two fireplaces are sure to need cleaning and we want to make sure no repairs are needed.


  1. How brave you are to take on renovating a house! So very awesome!

  2. Oh I hate home projects especially ones that end with 13 years of dust coming out. yuck!

  3. Oh you poor thing! I think I would start to lose my manners at some That has to be frustrating. I wish I lived closer to offer support, coffee or liquor! LOL


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