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2 DIY Fall door decorations

Last Sunday afternoon DIL and I sat around the table for a great afternoon of crafting.  Our goal was to create a new fall decoration for our entry doors.  DIL wanted a shabby sheik burlap look and I was after a little more formal look repurposing an old frame I found when moving. 
fall door wreathburlap wreath 2

I cleaned and sprayed an old frame with some translucent pearl paint over the existing tarnished gold color.  DIL helped me cut some decorative paper to glue onto the photo backing and a complimentary paper to glue along the inside edge of the frame.  Last, I painted a monogram to mount inside the frame and hung it on my door with some matching 1” gross grain ribbon. A small bouquet of fall flowers are tucked into the ribbon on the frame top.  I will be able to change out the flower accent as the season changes.
wreath supplies
  • frame
  • decorative papers
  • monogram
  • paint
  • spray glue
  • hot glue
  • cutting tools
  • ruler
  • ribbon and other embellishments

door decoration 2
DIL is a talented and creative artist.  She had some burlap coffee sacks purchased from Tractor Supply at 50 cents each.  Using one sack she strategically cut five large petals and arranged and hot glued them on a straw wreath form that she also wrapped with burlap. The wreath form doesn’t show, it’s just nice to have a finished back.  I showed her how to twist and wrap some green burlap into a floral center for the big flower.  She added more green burlap for a trio of leaves around the center.  For a little bling she glued on some shiny clear beads and a turquoise button.  The last element of texture is a monogram painted turquoise with a little chevron design.  It suits her fun personality perfectly. Unfortunately we were so engrossed in our creativity I forgot to take pictures until halfway through my frame wreath and her completed burlap wreath.
burlap wreath 2


  1. Both are adorable but the coffee sack I am partial to :)

  2. This is so adorable!

    Thanks for joining the Link Up this week!

  3. Love them both. I love the texture background of your picture frame, it screams welcome! and you know I am crushing over the burlap too!

  4. Adorable fall goodies! Love the coffee sack!!!
    Have a great week!
    Dee from www.thecsiproject.com

  5. I love the frame. Thank you for sharing I know another project to add to my room.

  6. That frame is terrific. Here's hoping your inspiration continues.

  7. I need to pay more attention at Tractor Supply!!! Love the coffee sacks!


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