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Natural Bug Spray Recipe

Hi!  I'm Cari, and I was invited to write a guest post while Jeannie is moving.  I blog at Everything Pretty, which is a blog about makeup, beauty, and living healthy.  I feature a lot of DIY beauty recipes, but I want to share something different with you today.

The mosquitoes are just loving me this year!  I can't sit outside for more than a minute without feeding every mosquito on the farm.  They even attack me in the pool while I am swimming!  

I don't want to get eaten up, but I don't want to put chemicals on myself or my kids.  So I came up with this DIY bug repellent spray recipes.  
mosquito spray
I love this recipe because it's all natural.  I had neem oil for my fruit trees, and I really liked it versus using just olive oil.  This spray doesn't feel sticky or icky on my skin, which is a major bonus!

I hope you enjoy my recipe, and I hope you'll stop by to see me!


  1. Thanks for letting me guest post xo

  2. Oh!! I HATE the bugs. They always find me. GAH!

    I might have to give this a try. :)


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