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Texas Copper Break State Park

Last week we made an impromptu trip to Copper Break State Park for a very relaxing, lovely day.  The lake is completely full due to some much needed rain.  The skies were blue laced with clouds and the canyons were alive with wild life.

This pretty blue dragon fly was moving a bit fast for my camera shutter lensdragon fly
This deer had just shooed a baby into the brush!deer
The boys sat on a cliff watching wildlife
father n son
They could see the lake down the canyon.
lake view
As the sun set on the horizon we roasted hot dogs on a camp fire.
camp fire
The moon was up before the sun set.  It was a perfect day.

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  1. Beautiful pictures..Especially the moon picture but I am always partial to moon pictures. I have an Almost Wordless Wednesday Party going on my blog right now if you would like to join.

    1. Thanks for linking up to Almost Wordless Wednesday and I hope you will join me again this week.


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