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Instant Happy #22 and linky

I conquer fear … by recognizing whether the fear is rational or lack of information.  Spider in my path do I turn and leave... room is dark do I turn on the light...need to make a speech do I throw up and leave...booger under the bed do I flip off the light and jump on top...  or If it is simply because I haven't the experience to know what is beyond- I take a breath, sometimes close my eyes and just DO IT.  What is that FDR quote... "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself?"

I follow my heart … where my feet sometimes don't want to go.  It's what allows me to say I'm sorry when my pride gets in the way or I need to make a decision I'm just not quite sure about.  It gets me to walk around the spider, turn on the light, make the speech, look under the bed.  The heart is the quiet voice of conscience that leads me down the right path most of the time.

I feed my soul by … seeking soul food.  Sounds funny but soul food is the people who inspire, meaningful words, beautiful music, flowers in the fields, the natural creations of God.

I used to worry about the expectations of other people and boogers living under the bed but then I … found I was guilty of setting the expectations for others in my own mind and not facing the fear of looking under the bed.  When I am able to focus on doing the best I know how the rest will happen naturally.  I'm still learning to set my own expectations and face my fears.
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  1. So true... the only fear is fear itself. Thanks for linking up to my party and hosting this party.

  2. The things you listed for feeding your soul help me as well. They give me a feeling of peace and keep me going when things aren't going well.

  3. Nooooo, don't walk AROUND the spider. Grab a big ol' heavy object and beat it to a pulp!!!!!!!!!!! Aint nobody got time for creepy crawly things. LOL

  4. Yes! What a gift we give ourselves when we let go of the fear of others' expectations.

  5. Love your I follow my heart and I used to worry about.

  6. beautifully said thanks so much for sharing

  7. Food for the soul is what this was to me today. Really nice post.


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