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DIY How to Repair Cracked Fireplace Brick

Spring cleaning is done and now we are making a couple of repairs to our current house.  The fireplace stone that is in the bottom of the fireplace has a crack that requires a silicate high heat furnace cement to repair it.   It took some calling around to find a supplier. Fortunately we are suburb dwellers and only had to drive about 15 miles to find it at Turner's Hardware.  The container we purchased seals metal to metal or cement to metal, stops smoke or gas leaks and withstands temps up to 2000 degrees.  THAT IS HOT! 
fireplace repair

This is not a sponsored post.  There is no compensation for this post, I just want to share something that is making me feel safer to have a fire in the fireplace and that was easy to accomplish ourselves.

We gave the fireplace a thorough cleaning by shoveling out the winter ashes during the spring de junk challenge.  I spread the ashes in a thin layer in my rose beds, [they'll thank me as they bloom] We used a shop vac to vacuum out the small dusty ashes then wiped it out with paper towels.  I even took the extra step of washing it down with the same stuff I use to clean the kitchen counters.  [I love that stuff]  
 It was a bit difficult to photo, but there is the crack. 
The furnace cement is black and pretty darn thick.  Hubs used his muscles to work it into the cracks and smoothed it out across the entire bottom of the fireplace.  Last, he used a damp paper towel to smooth out the trowell marks.  He did a fantastic job. Love a man that works hard and pays attention to the details...right?!
After the furnace cement cured I used a high heat spray paint to give the inside a nice uniform black color. The fire grate was taken outside for a hosing down and a coat of the same high heat paint and then stored back inside the fireplace. It looks so clean I'm not sure I want it to get dirty again this winter. :)  Maybe we'll be in a new home by then and I won't have to face that delima. 

  • Supply list:
    • Silicate high heat furnace cement
    • trowell
    • paper towells
    • protective rubber gloves
    • warm water or cleaning spray
    • vacuum cleaner/shop vac
    • high heat spray paint
The hardest part of this project was waiting for the cement to cure so I could spray paint the walls.


  1. Looks great! I'll have to remember this when we finally decide to buy a house. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Wow. Great post and really useful. I've never had to repair my fireplace (yet) but I'm sure my time will come. Pinning !

  3. Thank you so much for this post.I have been waiting on a bad situation to happen due to the cracks I have.Noe I can DIY and have no worries.

    1. I know what you mean. I worried each time we lit a fire last winter...and it was a cold winter so we lit it a lot. You have no idea the relief you will feel.

  4. I would have never known how to fix this! I don't have a fireplace (and that's probably the best thing). You did a great job, and it looks great.


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