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Cherry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

Cheese cake or coffee cake… hmm, that IS a question.  Why not both?  I quickly checked several recipes and decided on this one from Pinterest.  It is a Pin Win.  I like the way the three elements come together for a not too sweet but just right dessert.  I did add just a little milk to the batter because it was too dry to get into the pan successfully.  About 1/4 cup.  If I’d had more sour cream I would have done that instead.  My spring form pan is a little smaller that the one used in the original recipe making it rise a bit taller than needed.  I used a black cherry jam that was scrumptious and instead of her crumb topping I sprinkled on some slivered almonds.  Got my Starbucks coffee (using my Verismo brewer) and thinking… do I dare have a second slice?  Yes.  Head over to Bunny’s Warm Oven for her recipe.
Easy Recipe for Cherry-cream-cheese-coffee-cake  Black_cherry_cream_cheese_coffee_cake_recipe


  1. Cheery is expensive I will buy them once the prize get little less, and try this cherry cream cheese coffee cake. Very delicious.

  2. Oh wow that looks good. I think I would have a second slice too!


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