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Instant happy

An instant happy moment on Wordless Wednesday.
The Oxalis are blooming!
#purpleoxalix, shamrock

WEEK #13:

  • I don’t get enough... I was going to say excercise, but who wants to admit that when they don't plan to do anything about it?  So I'm going to say shopping time instead.  Yeah, that works for me.
  • My favorite indulgence... quiet time when everyone is out of the house and the TV is off.  I have a glass of iced tea, read a book, or some interesting blogs or consider the value of excercise.
  • I made a major change in my life when... I retired from a job that was dragging me down. I walked away and never looked back.  Now I do things I love like sleep in, read books, play with grands, cook, blog, excercise (just kidding).
  • You should read... whatever makes you happy.  I stay away from books that are doom and gloom and I also stay away from unrealistic romance novels that tend to make me unsatisfied with my happy marriage.
  • Chocolate chips and a spoon of espresso are my secret ingredient in brownies.  Okay, I need to go to the gym now.  Just thinking about it has my fat cells calling out "help me!"


  1. I love your comment on romance novels! How true is that! :-)

  2. Quiet time with iced tea and a good book, sounds great to me!!!!

  3. Yum that brownie combo sounds delish !


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