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Chorizo burger cheese dog

A few people don’t like hot dogs for some reason.  I do, but for those that prefer a burger at a hot dog grilling, here’s what you’ll get at my backyard party: a cheese stuffed, chorizo flavored burger roll in a hot dog bun.  Heck, some of the hot dog folks may proclaim they prefer a burger just to get one.
Recipe for
one Chorizo burger cheese dog
  • quarter pound of lean ground beefburger cheese dog
  • 1 Tablespoon Chorizo
  • 1 cheddar jack cheese stick
  • salt & pepper

Mix the beef and Chorizo together.  Squash the ground beef/Chorizo mix out in a rectangle shape about the same size as an open hot dog bun.  Place a cheese stick in the center and roll the meat closed around it.  Salt and pepper the outside lightly.  Chorizo is spicy, so you don’t need much.  Grill the burger dog on all sides until done.  Load up a bun with fresh spinach leaves, the chorizo burger dog, condiments of your choice and a few jalapeños.  I’m telling you, it’s reallllllly good.

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  1. Cheeselicious! I love hot dogs and something with cheese in the middle, I go crazy. I might have just popped up at your house if I was nearby. ;)

    1. Cheesy and spicy, my favorite combo. Wish you had dropped by!

  2. Oh that looks GOOD! nom nom nom
    I'm pinning this :)

  3. This is such a great idea! I personally LOVE hot dogs and this is a hot do on steroids! Looks delish!


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