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Blog like you love it

It's been almost 3 years since I began blogging.  When I began I had no clue what I was in for.  What started as a place to record my thoughts and ideas has turned into a place to share what I love doing.  There are some things that have taken me a long time to realize and it has recently occured to me that perhaps someone might stumble across my blog and read some things I wish I had learned sooner than later.  Below is a list of things I have found (in no particular order) that might speed your journey along a bit faster than my journey has been.  Take what you need, and please share what you have learned as well in the comments.  You never know who will read it and have an "ah HA" moment.  Read on...
Blogging tips

  • It may seem like a hobby, but pretend you're learning to make money too.
  • Keep a notebook of ideas and things you will blog about.
  • Start a place to keep the helpful information you come across (paste the link so you can get there again)  Pinterest boards, document on your computer, a page on your blog.
  • Keep blog photos together in a dedicated folder & flash drive.
  • Read up on SEO.  
  • Google it. If you don't know what something is or how to do it, Google it.
  • Sign up to monotenize right away.  It takes a long time to build an audience that will make you any real money and meantime you can collect a few cents.
  • Join social media groups, especially Facebook pages of like minded people.
  • Learn to use Social media alongside your blog. (Twitter, G+, Instagram, etc.)
  • Be prepared to spend several hours a week building followers.
  • Read and leave meaningful comments on blogs you enjoy.
  • Research and practice great photography.
  • Bright, clear photos are better for blogs. Use the tripod.
  • Technology and often.  Relax, breath and go with the flow.
  • Turn off Captcha. (those letters and numbers you have to type in to comment)
  • Make a dedicated Pinterest Board to my blog posts.
  • Don't be afraid (or too shy) to promote my own blog.
  • Remember why you started it in the first place and have fun.
  • Blog like you love it.
I collect and save blog tips here and on my Pinterest board here.


  1. Awesome list Jeannie! I totally agree with finding great groups on Facebook :-) And, blog like you love it? I love it!!!

    1. I should bold the great groups on FB. I learned by leaps and bounds since finding your group!

  2. This is a great list. There are few points I have to focus - so I'll be back :-)

    1. Feel free to ask questions, I'll gladly share what I know and point to others that can help too.

  3. Great post Jeannie....if you do what you love it's addictive!

    1. Well, I think I'm addicted for sure.

  4. This is a great post, Jeannie. If your heart's not in it, why bother? You have to do it because you love it. It will show in your content.
    Visiting from the Bloggers on Blogspot FB group. :-) Cheers!


  5. I love this list! There are a lot here I have learned and some new ones I will learn more about. Photography is definitely a big one that I have to learn more about. Thanks for taking the time to share these! New follower from Bloggers on FB :)

    1. I don't know that anyone gets to the point they can't learn something new, especially when it comes to photography.

  6. What a great list Jeannie. I am using some of them myself but you did give me a couple of new and great ideas... thank you for sharing... cathy

    1. Wonderful Cathy, do you have some to share too?


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