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Spring Green decorations

Spring is a wonderful time of the year.  The mantel decorations are going green with pops of red, orange and blue for Spring.  I used bright wrapping tissue paper to make book jackets for a lively leprechaun to stand on next to a blarney heart shaped stone my daughter brought me.  An enlarged photo of big girl grand inspecting a spring wild flower in Central Texas and some candles adorned with pretty ribbon, a beaded bracelet and dragon fly charms were all easy, quick projects. 
If you’ve never
traveled Texas highways during spring, put it on your bucket list.  Ladybird Johnson initiated the mass plantings of wild flowers during her “first lady” years that will take your breath away.  There are web pages dedicated to bluebonnet sightings that will help guide your travel for peak viewing.  On our last trek we saw fields with bluebonnets mixed with Indian Paint Brushes and bright red poppies as far as the horizon.  In one deep valley the sweet smell made me swoon while we watched butterflies flitter about.  Families stop along roadsides and take cherished memory photos.  Brides bask in the beauty while photographers snap magically framed dreams.  If you have taken the lovely drive before, then like me, you’ll go again and again hoping to capture some of it on film for your spring mantel décor.
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  1. These little men you are having for St Patrick's day are so cute! I have to look for photos of Texas spring, it sounds just lovely!

    1. The little leprechaun was a after season Hobby Lobby find a couple years ago. I'll be posting a lot of Texas Spring over the next couple months, check back around the first of April.

  2. This is delightful Spring mantel and adds a lot of fun character to a room for March. The leprechaun really is cute!

  3. So cute!

    Thanks for joining the Link Up this week!

  4. I've been a Texan all my life. The TX roadside wildflowers always make me smile. Kudos to Lady Bird! '-)
    Happy St. Pat's Day!

  5. Love your little leprechaun!

  6. We have just come back from a Spring trip to Austin, San Marcos and New Braunfels. We saw some lovely Bluebonnets along the roadside. My husband and son were born in Texas so they are diehards and have lived here all their lives. I have always enjoyed the spring wildflowers and have family and pet photos in the Bluebonnets! Have a great March 17th!


  7. Thanks for linking to the St. Patrick's Day blog crawl! Happy SPD!


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