Sky Blue is a relaxing view. |For what it's worth

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Sky Blue is a relaxing view.

The clouds that would soon bring precious rain.

#11 because I didn't publish it last week... When I need help with life's mysteries, I turn to... throwing my hands in the air before turing on Google.  The big life mysteries, like is there a God?  can't be found on Google though.  That's going to have to wait until I can talk to God himself.

My next challenge is figuring out... if we are going to really get it together and move or not.

I shake things up... in a can or bottle.  OK, I know the question is more philisophical than that, just couldn't resist the opportunity to lighten it up a bit.

High heels are... fantastic, but at my age they are also history.  

I know it’s a little weird but... I like to dip french fries in mustard.  I had the first craving when I was pregnant with my daughter.  I like yellow mustard on my burgers and in my bbq sauce too.

When stopped at a stoplight, I... keep both hands on the steering wheel and wait several seconds to move through the green light.  I saw a high school girl loose her life because she trusted the green light when a semi truck went through his red light.  I also sneak a peak at the drivers around me and laugh when I catch them singing or jamming out.

My guilty pleasure is... frosted coke.  Spoon in sevral scoops of vanilla ice cream and cover with coca cola.  Use a long handled tea spoon to smush the ice cream and mix the coke into it like a milk shake. 

My favorite way to unwind... is to prop up my feet outside, tilt my head back and watch the clouds move through the beautiful blue space above.
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  1. I'm the queen of condiments. Fries with ketchup, mustard, bbq sauce, whatever! My favorite is plain potato chips dipped in ketchup with black pepper. I love tartar sauce with fried fish or shrimp but it has to be GOOD tartar sauce, none of that cheap crap!!!!!!

    1. I'm less of a ketchup fan, but love most everything else. If you have a good tartar sauce...share!

  2. We have had ample cloud but not really the much needed rain.

    1. Melissa, I emphathize. Even though those clouds brought rain we are still far below our average and many lakes are drying up.


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