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Organization to Keep It Clean

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Finish This WEEK #10 (March 12) are:

  1. My boobs are.. my business.  I am old enough and modest enough not to talk about my body parts on the internet.
  2. My heart is… big enough to hold love for many, many people.  It can be broken but it can also be fixed.
  3. One thing every woman should know… is that you are what you strive to be.  Set your goals high and stand firm to your beliefs.
  4. My breakfast typically consists of… coffee with cream and sometimes a buttered toast or cheese toast.  Seldom do I eat a large breakfast, but I will enjoy a late morning brunch instead.
  5. I’m so glad I learned the secret to… keeping a clutter free home is not leaving things undone until it is overwhelming and keeping a schedule.



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