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My favorite things...

1. I will never outgrow... My love of ice cream or needing a hug.  Nothing makes a person feel better than a big ice cream cone or a genuine hug from someone that truly cares about you.

2. I splurge on... my kids, the grands and nice purses.  I know this falls in the category of spoiling but I can't help it.  If I see they want something but are being frugal and not getting it, I find a way to justify buying it for them myself.  That's why I love "giving" holidays.  When it comes to myself I like to buy lovely quality purses for every outfit or occasion like my sweet little butternut color over the shoulder leather purse perfect for a day of shopping or walking through a museum.

3. My worst habit is... feeling like I need to solve every problem myself.  There are some things that you just need to allow others to help you with and there are some things other people really don't want your help with.  Easier said than done. 

4. My passport represents... a person who prefers to travel within the country where I reside.  There is still much to see here and I'm a bit afraid of going out of my comfort zone.

5. My most ridiculous fear is... of spiders.  All of those little legs and kaleidoscope eyes... yikes! (and maybe traveling outside my country)

6. My favorite thing to give is.. myself and cookbooks.  My favorite store is Half Price Books and there are always beautiful cookbooks full of new ways to present food.  My favorite cookbook was a 1927 B&HG  I got from my Mother in law who was born in 1927.  As I was packing to move, and sharing from my extensive collection, I gave it to my daughter.  She has it on display in her loft apartment.  I have two other Better Homes Cookbooks.  One was given to me as a wedding gift that I have used till the pages are fragile and marked liberally with cooking notes for my 1st granddaughter and the other I purchased to continue writing notes for my 2nd granddaughter.  There are lots of precious memories that we have shared together in those books.
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  1. Yes, the BH&G cookbook is a great gift to give. Even though we now have Internet, I still think its not a bad gift to give someone. Such a good DIY book. My Home Ec teacher in high school gave these to all her students when they got married. I gave them to my daughters when they got married and if they are still around will give them to my grand daughters within a few years. enJOYed your post and thanks for coming to visit my blue jay pics.

  2. Cookbooks are GREAT gifts!!!!!

  3. This is such a sweet post, very appropriate for the season! I identify with #2 and #3! When we're made like that there's almost nothing we can do about it!

  4. I made my son and his wife a cookbook from recipes I gathered from family and friends. It was a lot of work putting all the recipes in a similar format and finding photos of the food and/or the person who sent me the recipe, but it was well worth it. The end result was a beautiful bound book of recipes and memories!


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