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True stories and time

I worked 24 years as secretary to a Principal.   The last 8 were at a high school.  Sometimes kids say some pretty funny stuff that I had to hold the laughter and just enjoy moment.  This is a true story of a high school senior trying to make up excessive absences for credit to graduate. It makes me think of Salvidor Dali's clock painting.

  • Student: "Miss, how many hours do I need for class credit?"
  • Me: 4 hrs.
  • Student: "I served them last Saturday."
  • Me: "Saturday detention hours are 8:00-11:00 AM, that's 3 hrs."
  • Student: "So, how many hours do I need?"
  • Me: "You had 4 and served 3 Saturday."
  • Student: "How many do I need?"
  • Me: "You are a senior, do the math. You had 4, minus the 3 you served."
  • Student: "So, I served them all Saturday."
  • Me: "Saturday detention is 8:00-11:00, that's 3 hrs, not 4."
  • Student: "So I served them all?"
  • Me: "No."
  • Student: "Yes I did, I came 8-11 Saturday."
  • Me: "That's 3 hrs, you need 4."
  • Student: "No miss, that's 4."
  • Me: "Really, you are a senior, you need to know that 8:00-11:00 is 3 hrs, not 4."
  • Student: "8, 9, 10, 11... that's 4."
  • Me: "You don't count 8:00 as an hour."
  • Student: "How many hours is it?"
  • Me: "It's still 3, go serve the last hour in detention right now."

"I'll think about that tomorrow", Scarlett O'Hara. 


  1. wow! Someone needed to go back to math class!

  2. Good grief! Maybe he should be working on math facts on flashcards while he is spending those hours in detention. ;)

  3. Ahaha, thanks for the giggle. We have a high schooler so I can't picture this conversation perfectly!


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