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How to manage Facebook Page Follows

When you're interested in reading a particular Facebook page and want to make it easy to find it again try the Like and Following buttons on Facebook .  When you like a Page (click the button), you'll automatically follow the Page's updates.  The buttons are in the banner area at the top of a Facebook page.  BTW, you can “follow” personal pages that have information that have been made public without being “friends”.


Because I am a blogger and love the added ability FB gives me to see my favorite FB blogger status updates I have a lot of “liked” pages.  But sometimes I get a little overloaded with all the information streaming through my FB Newsfeed so I’ve started using some FB features that you may or may not be aware of. 


You can hover over the page  “like” button (and even a specific persons name) to choose whether or not to have updates appear in your newsfeed.  I love this ability because I can still see the liked pages posts all together, but when I choose to, by opening the “Liked Pages” under “pages” in the left side bar in my personal FB page. 


I like it so much that I created some custom friend lists that I named “family”, “home town friends”, “best friends”. To make this work the same way, I hovered over the name of each friend I wanted in those groups (one at a time); then hovered over the checked friends tab; then checked “add to another group”.  Check the box next to the group I wanted to add them to.  Now I can see these friends updates all together by clicking the group name under “Friends” in the FB left side bar without scrolling through a lot of other feeds.

Did you also know that when you click the “like” under a status, it will appear in the newsfeed of all your friends?  And, when you click the Share button, a dialog will pop up allowing you to add a comment or adjust your audience before posting?  You can edit and control this too.  Good to know, right? 
You can remove a like or share in your private FB activity log and you can also stop liked pages from showing up in your newsfeed by going to the liked page, hover over the liked button and uncheck show in news feed. 
You can select an audience for each section of likes on your About page:
  1. Go to your Timeline and click About below your cover photo
  2. Scroll down to your Likes section and click
  3. Select Edit Privacy, then use the audience selector next to each section to select who can see things you've liked in that section
And the last tidbit I’d like to share is that when you follow someone, you see their posts in your News Feed. You automatically follow people that you're friends with. You can also follow the posts of people who've allowed public access without being friends.
That is a lot of information, but I hope it will ease your mind when it comes to liking FB pages, especially mine… Smile
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