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Life secrets

garden inspiration life secrets

1. I use my “green thumb” to... garden in my suburban back yard.  I'm not an indoor gardener at all, but give me space, sunshine and rain and see what I can do!

2. The secret to life is... not worrying about what others think your life should be, just live it and live it well.  

3. I get my money’s worth by... buying what I need.  As I grow older I find buying things just because it's a good deal, doesn't make it a good deal.  If I don't need it or plan to use it soon, I don't buy it.

4. On a scale of 1 to 10, my level of organization is.. 8 because I am an organizing re-organizer.  The other two points in the scale I saved for more organizing.  P.S. organizing isn't the same as super neat.  It just means you know where "it" is and others will be able to figure out your logic and find "it". 

5. A gentleman always... respects others even if he doesn't agree.  He allows others to have their own views but retains his gracefully. And never forgets your birthday or anniversary. :)

6. Handwritten notes are... a wonderful surprise.  E-notes are nice too, but getting a hand written note is the nicest of all.  That reminds me, I think I will surprise someone today.

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  1. FIRST: I was feeling so great about all the gals linked up who didn't have green thumbs (just like me!) but WOW: your garden area is GORGEOUS!
    I love your getting your money's worth too! I feel that way about coupons! For me, if I collected coupons, I know I would buy things I wouldn't normally have purchased, spending more in the long run!

    1. LOL re: green thumbs/gardens and I rarely use a coupon. Usually only if I come across one accidently for an item already on my shopping list.

    2. PS. biggest secret to green thumb gardening is only buy hardy plants for your area and don't forget to water.

  2. I love your comment that buying things because they are a good deal is NOT a good deal. I have learned this overtime myself! I avoid the big wholesale stores like Costco because I don't need 4 jumbo bottles of ketchup when 1 will last me most of the year!

    1. Yes, unless you're a prepper that fears for the future, bulk stocking is a waste of space. I recently cleaned my pantry and found items I didn't even remember purchasing!!! No more.

  3. I love handwritten notes, they make me happy!

  4. I loved all your answers but especially you secret to life!

  5. I love the garden bench.......I had one like that but it fell apart. I think this year I will fix it. I bet it can be done thanks for the imspiration. Janice


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