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How to make Sock Craft Snow People

snow people socks
While the little grands are visiting we decided to make some crafty sock people.  The 6 year old was able to make hers entirely by herself and the three year old did all the stuffing and gave directions on how he wanted his decorated. 

We took apart a pillow that was getting too flat for comfort and fluffed up the filling to stuff the socks.  After they were happy with the fullness of the socks we tied off the tops with rubber bands (no sewing here!)  Another rubber band gave definition between the head and body of the snow people. 
sock snomen
We used sharpie markers to draw on eyes, mouths and buttons.  We also drew on arms so they would be snuggly in bed. 
Girl grand found a bow tie to attach on the rubber band on top. Boy grand wanted a toboggan hat so we used a green sock.  We cut the sock between the toe and heal area, then used the toe portion for a hat.  A little folding along the cut area made it really look like a hat.  Some fabric strips made nice scarves. They turned out so cute!


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