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Orange Sugar Cookie Snowflakes

By now, if you’ve seen my blog very much, you recognize I really love sugar cookies.  I prefer them soft and chewy, and I like to vary the flavor by changing the extracts.  I always use the same basic recipe you can find here.  We are heading over to a neighborhood gathering this afternoon so I made these snowflake shaped sugar cookies using an orange extract instead of vanilla.  The icing is a simple powdered sugar one with a tiny bit of merengue powder to make it stay in place.  My biggest tip in making sugar cookies is not to over cook them.  They aren’t suppose to be brown, just done.  Stick to the recommended cooking time and if you aren’t sure they are done, just use a spatula to lift one off the cookie sheet and see if the bottom is slightly brown.  Ice after they are completely cool and for that extra sparkle you see on the snowflakes, sprinkle some crystal sugar you can buy in the cake decorating section of your store.   They aren’t almost home made, but they are so easy you will be making them all the time.

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  1. I love these white cookies - yes, recipe is the same, but over here we call them "White Cookies". They are all time favorite at our house. Yours are beautiful, I use to make only hearts.


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