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How to add color, overlays and text to your photo post with PicMonkey

How’d you make that?  On PicMonkey, a free editing program.  Here are the step by step directions.  

    Free photo frame, overlay, text box. Make your own Meme.

1.  Open PicMonkey
2.  Click Edit a photo.  Navigate to a photo you want to edit and double click it.

3.  Add the color border.
    • Click the frame icon. 
    • Choose a frame style. 
    • Adjust the size and color. 
    • Click Apply.
frame it in color
4.  Add an overlay
  • Click the overlay icon (butterfly)
  • Choose an overlay shape.
  • Adjust the color
  • Grab it with the cross hair arrows and move it where you want it.
  • Play with the fade.  It’s kind of cool to let the back ground show through a bit.
  • Don’t apply yet… go to text
Over lay w text
5.  Add text
  • Click the text icon, Tt
  • Click a font
  • Click inside the text box so it is highlighted and type your text.  You can highlight the text and change the font, size, color and alignment. 
add text
6.  Customize. 
  • Move the overlay and text boxes to place them where you want. 
  • Right click on boxes to move forward or backward. 
  • Can’t grab the right box?  Move the other one temporarily, then move it back. 
  • You can still change colors, sizes and fade if you haven’t clicked apply yet.
7.  When you have it the way you like it, merge the overlays to the photo. 
merge overlays to photo
8.  Save it to your computer.
Make your own Meme
I am not affiliated with PicMonkey in any way.  I just love it.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this photo tip with SYC. I need to give it a try!


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