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DIY Wire Basket

The salt and pepper shakers I keep on my stove sit precariously close to a space leading to the back of the stove. I had this small piece of wire left from a project hubs made that could be turned into an easy, do it yourself, wire storage basket.  It took about 30 minutes, a wire cutter and some pliers to provide a secure spot for my 1970 vintage shakers. 

  1. Determine how big the bottom should be, then folded up the sides.
  2. Cut away the corners with wire cutters. 
  3. Fold up the ends.
  4. Use pliers to wrap the straight pieces left exposed around the corners.
  5. Snip away all the unwanted wire that is not part of the basket squares.
DIY Wire Basket
I’m thinking that was way too easy and I need to head over to Home Depot to buy more wire.  My cleaned out pantry can use some organization baskets like this.
How about you?  Could you use some home made wire baskets?


  1. I keep a roll of hardware cloth wire around - it is so useful! Love your basket.

    1. Thanks so much Donna, I appreciate your comments.

  2. Very cute! Loving the new blog look! I used some similar chicken wire for another project I did. Do you find that the edges are sharp or were you able to trim them down enough to not poke?


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