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Easy Brownie Pudding recipe in a jar

Easy Brownie Pudding

My favorite recipes are quick, easy and incorporate chocolate.  This recipe has all three and uses some ready made mixes you can pull from your pantry stock.  Next time you’d like an impromptu dessert that won’t take forever to make, this is it.  Pull out some Mason jars, fun cup cake liners, spoons and ribbon for individual servings and you have a party ready for visitors. 

First, take a brownie mix from the pantry and add a cup of mini chocolate chips for that decadent taste everyone loves when eating chocolate. [smile, sigh] Bake it according to package directions and set aside to cool.

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Meanwhile, mix up some vanilla pudding (I had some sugar free on hand, save on those calories where we can, right?).  Set it beside the brownies while you set out some jelly size jars with rims and cupcake liners.


When the brownies are cool, cut them into little bite size chunks.  Put a few in the bottom of the jar, spoon in some pudding and repeat the layers once.  Place a cupcake liner on top the sealer lid and screw on a jar rim.  This makes it easy to portion control and you can keep the extras in the fridge for an after school or late night snack.

How do you dress up brownies or pudding?



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