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Tracking dinosaurs

dino reads

Keeping up with a 3 year old has been challenging.  He is very imaginative and fun.  On a particular morning we were watching Dinosaur cartoons when he asked if they were pretend or real.  I explained that they were real a very long long long time ago.  “When you were a kid?”  LOL  No, even before that!  I told him the cartoon dino’s were a little different in that they didn’t talk and play together quite like that.  I pulled out a couple of books from my stash and some plastic dinosaurs to play with. 

We played a match game with the plastic pieces and one of the books.

dino match

Then we lay on the floor to play dinosaur valley.  We had great fun feeding them pretend greens and drinking from a bowl on the floor. 


Later in the afternoon we cooked mini cupcakes (because little boys like to eat little food) and topped the cupcakes with the dinosaurs.  He thought it was cool but a little silly since “dinosaurs don’t eat cupcakes, silly”.  But the measuring and stirring was a good opportunity for some really basic math like show me 3 eggs, 2 beaters, 1 spoon.  

2013-07-17 19.38.232013-07-17 19.38.312013-07-17 19.46.242013-07-17 20.23.58

At naptime one dinosaur slept cradled in his hand.  Sweet!



  1. What a sweet post about little boys and dinosaurs. He looks like a good kitchen helper too!

    1. Yes, Diane, it was a nice day too. Thank you for your kind comments.

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