Felling a tree. |For what it's worth

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Felling a tree.

for what it's worth-jeannie
A couple of summers ago bag worms swept through our neighborhood killing a lot of trees.  It didn’t help Texas suffered extreme heat and has been in a long drought.  Though we tried spraying and saving this tree, it did not survive.  So down it had to come.  Fortunately it was not an overly large tree.  Hubs climbed a ladder and tied a guide rope to help bring it down away from the fence and most of the other garden plantings.  He then cut a V notch close to the base on the side facing the direction we wanted it to fall.  I held on to the rope while he made a straight cut behind the V cut and pulled tight when it began to fall…right where we wanted it.  It took several hours of snipping and sawing to get the tree into small bundles the city recycle truck will pick up and now the yard looks fantastic.  It actually will help the yard because we have two other trees in the small space that could use the shared nutrients and water.  It doesn’t take many words to get the picture…pun intended.  Wordless Wednesday.
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